We put a huge emphasis on horse health, nutrition, and training at Rogue. Our guides aim to help you improve your horse’s quality of life, and understand how to help them with common health issues and questions.

How Much Does a Horse Cost?

Owning a horse can be very satisfying, but you should know the costs associated with buying and maintaining a healthy, thriving horse before you purchase a horse. We’ll break down those costs to help you determine if purchasing a horse is right for you.

EPM In Horses: Causes & Prevention

EPM in Horses

Equine protozoal myeloenencephalitis (EPM) in horses is a neurologic disease spread by a parasite, Sarcocystis neurona, that attacks a horse’s spinal cord and brain. Sarcocystis neurona can seriously damage the central nervous system, resulting in short- or long-term damage or even death if not caught and treated early.

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